“Year of the Vagabond” x Inked Pro Clothing

What’s up Vagabonds, got a special update for y’all. We’ve recently linked up with the homies at Inked Pro Clothing, and for a limited time whenever you cop some gear from their store location in Wynwood or their website,, you’ll get a copy of “Year of the Vagabond” for included in your order for free. Inked Pro has been one of our biggest supporters, and E.R. and Baysiqly can be seen in different music videos and shows rocking their dope designs. Don’t wait to pull the trigger on this deal, it’s available for a limited time only!

"Year of the Vagabond" x Inked Pro Clothing

“Year of the Vagabond” x Inked Pro Clothing

GUESTLIST Book Release Party 03/26/2012

As I’m sure you all know by now, our big homie AND publicist of Vagabonds Music Group, LLC, Jay Fingers, will be releasing his debut novel, “GUESTLIST”, this Monday, March 26th, 2012. In the tradition of VMG, you know it’s only right he hits you with a book release party. All our Brooklyn (and New York City) vagabonds are especially invited to come partake in what’s sure to be a special evening at local Brooklyn watering hole, Hanson Dry. Jay, we’re proud of you man, this is just the beginning of what’s been a long time coming. Everyone be sure to follow @JayFingers on Twitter and peep the details below!

GUESTLIST (a Jay Fingers Novel)

GUESTLIST (a Jay Fingers Novel)

Be Cool Books invites you to celebrate the release of its first title, GUESTLIST, written by Brooklyn-based author Jay Fingers. The celebration will take place on Monday, March 26, from 8pm-12am, at the elegant cocktail bar Hanson Dry in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

In addition to Hanson Dry’s exceptionally creative cocktail menu, there will be an exclusive book-themed cocktail, small nibbles, and a limited number of copies of GUESTLIST for sale.

GUESTLIST tells the story of Juliet Feliz, who moves to New York City, leaving behind an unfulfilling life and uncertain future. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets successful party promoter Napoleon Fey.

Napoleon introduces Juliet to an exclusive world of VIP nightclubs, luxurious parties, celebrity friends, and sparkler-adorned bottles of champagne. But when Napoleon begins to show romantic interest in Juliet, that raises the ire of a beautiful, and intimidating, ex-model named Ava.

Add to the mix Marcel Swann, a down-on-his-luck young man smitten with Ava; Byron Lord, an NBA player with an affinity for nice suits, cognac, and video vixens; Sharane and Mare, Juliet’s bickering roommates; and a host of other unforgettable characters, and you’ve got the story of a bunch of beautiful people doing some very ugly things.

GUESTLIST, the debut novel from Jay Fingers, is a spectacularly sexy, funny, and, at times, shocking tale of what goes on once you’ve made it past the velvet rope.

You may purchase GUESTLIST by Jay Fingers here:

or at Amazon:

GUESTLIST is also listed on Goodreads:

Kindle, Nook, and iPad versions will be released in early April.

Also, download the GUESTLIST Official Mixtape by DJ SAGE absolutely FREE:

Hanson Dry
925 Fulton St. (btwn Clinton & Waverly Aves.)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Clinton – Washington Avs (A, C)
Clinton – Washington Avs (G)

Entrevista con El Mago / Interview with Mago

Check out this interview with Vagabonds Music Group affiliate, and one half of Mr. Visual films, Mago. Filmed in the confines of E.R.’s pre-production recording studio somewhere deep in the middle of Little Havana, this is a rare inside look at the work that gets put in by VMG behind closed doors. In addition to Mago being interviewed, hear Ralf Morales (the other half of Mr. Visual films), and Vagabonds member E.R. give some insight on Mago‘s movement, talent, and plans for the future. Be sure to be on the look out for more collaborations (you asked for it after your reaction to “Best of Both Worlds”!) coming soon between the Vagabonds and Mago.

Be sure to hit up Mago on Twitter: @elraperobionico

Family Love: ¡MAYDAY! – KLUSTERFUK/Take Me To Your Leader

What they do, Vagabonds? Got some unrelated releases we want to open up your eyes to! As I’m sure you all know by now, our homies from ¡MAYDAY! (what up, EFN!), were signed to Tech N9ne‘s Strange Music record label about a year ago or so, and are finally going to be releasing their long-awaited debut album on the label, titled “Take Me To Your Leader”. In addition to that, they just produced every track off Tech N9ne‘s most recent EP, “KLUSTERFUK“, which after being released yesterday, quickly shot up to #1 on the iTunes charts.

We definitely co-sign Wrek, Bernz, and the rest of the crew for the great music they’ve provided over the years, and we ask that you show the rest of the country what we down here in Miami have known for years. Support our fam and pre-order “Take Me To Your Leader” now on Strange Music’s official website by clicking here:

The album will be available on Monday, March 26th, so make sure you pre-order your copy because we’re sure it’ll be flying off the shelves!

Be sure to peep the single off “Take Me To Your Leader”, “Death March”:



Tech N9ne - KLUSTERFUK (produced by ¡MAYDAY!)

¡MAYDAY! - Take Me To Your Leader

¡MAYDAY! - Take Me To Your Leader











Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!), E.R., Booking Agent Jerry Pennington, Baysiqly, Bernbiz (of ¡MAYDAY!)

Vagabonds x ¡MAYDAY! (L to R: Wrekonize, E.R., Jerry Pennington (Promoter), Baysiqly, Bernbiz)








E.R. x Mago – “Best Of Both Worlds” Video Shoot BTS

As you can probably tell by all of E.R.‘s Foursquare log-ins, yesterday was the day for the shooting of the “Best Of Both Worlds” video, featuring Mago (and not mention, also directed by Mago, as part of the Mr. Visual crew). As the title implies, BoBW is a collaboration track between the two MC’s, with E.R. handling rapping duties in English and Mago in Spanish. Featuring from production from Mago (#multifaceted), BoBW is the first collab between the two rappers, but after this one I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more. Stay tuned for the video dropping very soon, but for the meanwhile, peep the pics below, courtesy of the homie Jermaine of Rebel Life Images.


Baysiqly’s Birthday Surprise: #FML COVER

What’s going on Vagabonds, got a quick little update for everybody. Today is Baysiqly’s birthday, so be sure to holla at him on Twitter or Facebook and wish him a good one! In commemoration of his birthday, we’ve decided to leak the front cover to the Vagabonds new EP that drops next month, #FML!

Vagabonds - #FML (FRONT)

Vagabonds - #FML (FRONT)

Hope you guys like the cover, and be sure to give Baysiqly a birthday shout out if you see him!

Vagabonds performing live @ Finnegan’s Music Festival

What they do, y’all? It’s E.R., once again. Wanted to give y’all the details our next show, which will be this Saturday, September 3rd, at 9:25 PM as part of the Finnegan’s Music Festival going down this Labor Day Weekend. The festival starts on Friday, September 2nd, at 4:00 PM as part of the Reggae/Jazz night of the festival. The party continues through Saturday, September 3rd, at 2:00 PM, which will be the hip-hop night of the event, featuring Miami mainstays such as ¡Mayday!, ArtOfficial, Ketchy Shuby, and ourselves, among others. The festival wraps up on Sunday, September 4th, starting at 2:00 PM, which will be the Latin night of the festival, featuring a performance from Palo!, which features Steve Roitstein on the keyboards (that’s the man who taught me everything I know about the music business, shout out to him!). Host and resident DJ Jammin Jorge and special guests Sharpsound, Louie Arson, and more will spinning in between sets.  All this for $10 a day or $15 for all 3 days!.

Tickets will be available at the door only. Check back here for more info. Finnegan’s River is located at 401 SW 3rd Ave., Miami, Florida (right outside of Little Havana!)

Finnegan's Labor Day Music Festival

Finnegan's Labor Day Music Festival


The Personal Legend- 4:00pm
Oigo- 5:45
Jahfe- 7:30
Afro Kumbe- 9:00
Johnny Dread- 11:00
Suenalo- 12:45


Pages & The Out of Hand Band 2:00pm
Rich Kid Sound System 3:45
Saltwater Grass 5:30
Fusik 7:15
Ketchy Shuby 8:30
Vagabonds – 9:25
ArtOfficial 10:15
MAYDAY! 12:30am


Nag Champayons- 2:00pm
Conjunto Progreso- 3:00
Rosamora- 4:00
$Bikini Contest$ 5:00
Don Sha – 6:15
PALO- 8:00
Albert Vargas- 9:00
FABI- 9:45
Elastic Bond – 11:15
Xperimento- 1:00am

Spreading Love: NoEmotion x JustinCredible – “JUNGLE FEVER 5000″

Download link:

NoEmotion Jungle Fever (Front)

What they do Vagabonds, E.R. here. I’ll try and keep this as brief as I can so you can jam away. If you’re from South Florida, you’ve either heard, or heard of, my homie NoEmotion. Appearing out of the complete blue when we released our album “Good Neighbors” back in January, NoEmotion started releasing viral videos of him rapping punched-in line after punched-in line in front of psychedelic backgrounds. I can’t lie, when Baysiqly first put me up on him, I was like “wtf is this bull???”. but a couple of videos later, I understood it.

Disregard the comparisons to MF Doom. Disregard the gold mask. Disregard the loosely punched-in verses. And disregard the voice box he uses to rap. Instead, roll one up, light it, and open your mind up to the clusterfuck of life advice, (such as “When life knocks you down to your knees, don’t suck it’s dick/I got arrested for hitting a bitch, I wish that I can make a switch/” on the first single off this project, “Knee Grow Groove”) appreciation of marijuana, and sexual deviance that is “Jungle Fever 5000″. Picking up where “Shit Is Bad…But Diarrhea Is Worse” left off, NoEmotion keeps working at being the hip-hop antichrist; not caring about the sound quality of his work, not caring that his punch-ins aren’t timed correctly, never looking to gain fans or performance opportunities, I can go on for days. The technique seems to be working though, as with every viral video he drops he keeps getting a legion of fans we’re even a lil’ jealous of.

I was actually in the lab with him two weeks ago to lay down a track I produced for his next project, and in the midst of our extremely stoned recording session,  I dubbed his style as “sampling and chopping time” (it made sense at the time). References to things that happened throughout his life, religion, references to TV show scenarios all got thrown together and rearranged into verses. Makes absolutely no sense, but in the grand scheme of things it does. Enough talking though, download “Jungle Fever 5000″ for free below. Shout out to JustinCredible who KILLED the production on here.

NoEmotion Jungle Fever 5000 Back


E.R. and Killer Mike at PAX Miami



What’s good Vagabonds? E.R. here, just decided to post up this picture I took with Killer Mike (Dungeon Family/OutKast/Grand Hustle), at PAX Miami after The Rising. Who ever thought we’d see Mike Bigga chillin’ on Calle Ocho? Shout out to our homie Mimi for the pic, since my Android just don’t wanna have a flash on the camera.

Be sure to cop Killer Mike’s latest release, PL3DGE , and support real hip-hop, especially real southern hip-hop. Peeeace!


Photo: E.R. and WeMerge Magazine

Photo: E.R. and We Merge Magazine

Our own E.R. poses with the Winter Issue of WeMerge Magazine!

Featuring over 64 pages of thought-provoking articles and high-quality photographs, WeMerge Magazine is an independent, free, quarterly South Florida art magazine with distribution throughout Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

The rag focuses on giving publicity and exposure to South Florida artists of all genres, encompassing a full range of painters, musicians, bands, poets, comedians, photographers, tattoo artists, rap artists, film makers, cartoonists, and writers. To make their mission clear, WeMerge Magazine’s tagline is “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support.”


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