Vagabonds performing at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, Monday 4/15/13

NYC Vagabonds, be sure to catch E.R. and Baysiqly performing live on Monday, April 15th at the book reading and signing for our good friend Jay Fingers‘ new novel, “Orangemound”. A fiction novel based on the Memphis neighborhood he grew up in, “Orangemound” gives readers an inside look into the rough-and-tumble Memphis neighborhood, which became infamous in 1994 for being number one  in murders, burglaries, and rapes committed in the city.

This show will serve as one of two shows that the Vagabonds will have in New York on the weekend of April 12th. For this date, which will go down in Hank’s Saloon in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, E.R. and Baysiqly will be accompanied by Current Event, which is an electronic bass band fronted by another homie of ours, Dj Sicksentz (DJ/producer for Mr. Muthafukin Exquire).

Peep the details on the flyer below and come out and enjoy the night as the Vagabonds and Jay Fingers bring some southern hospitality via Miami and Memphis to the Big Apple!

Facebook RSVP:

Jay Fingers' Orangemound Book Signing

Jay Fingers’ Orangemound Book Signing

GUESTLIST Book Release Party 03/26/2012

As I’m sure you all know by now, our big homie AND publicist of Vagabonds Music Group, LLC, Jay Fingers, will be releasing his debut novel, “GUESTLIST”, this Monday, March 26th, 2012. In the tradition of VMG, you know it’s only right he hits you with a book release party. All our Brooklyn (and New York City) vagabonds are especially invited to come partake in what’s sure to be a special evening at local Brooklyn watering hole, Hanson Dry. Jay, we’re proud of you man, this is just the beginning of what’s been a long time coming. Everyone be sure to follow @JayFingers on Twitter and peep the details below!

GUESTLIST (a Jay Fingers Novel)

GUESTLIST (a Jay Fingers Novel)

Be Cool Books invites you to celebrate the release of its first title, GUESTLIST, written by Brooklyn-based author Jay Fingers. The celebration will take place on Monday, March 26, from 8pm-12am, at the elegant cocktail bar Hanson Dry in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

In addition to Hanson Dry’s exceptionally creative cocktail menu, there will be an exclusive book-themed cocktail, small nibbles, and a limited number of copies of GUESTLIST for sale.

GUESTLIST tells the story of Juliet Feliz, who moves to New York City, leaving behind an unfulfilling life and uncertain future. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets successful party promoter Napoleon Fey.

Napoleon introduces Juliet to an exclusive world of VIP nightclubs, luxurious parties, celebrity friends, and sparkler-adorned bottles of champagne. But when Napoleon begins to show romantic interest in Juliet, that raises the ire of a beautiful, and intimidating, ex-model named Ava.

Add to the mix Marcel Swann, a down-on-his-luck young man smitten with Ava; Byron Lord, an NBA player with an affinity for nice suits, cognac, and video vixens; Sharane and Mare, Juliet’s bickering roommates; and a host of other unforgettable characters, and you’ve got the story of a bunch of beautiful people doing some very ugly things.

GUESTLIST, the debut novel from Jay Fingers, is a spectacularly sexy, funny, and, at times, shocking tale of what goes on once you’ve made it past the velvet rope.

You may purchase GUESTLIST by Jay Fingers here:

or at Amazon:

GUESTLIST is also listed on Goodreads:

Kindle, Nook, and iPad versions will be released in early April.

Also, download the GUESTLIST Official Mixtape by DJ SAGE absolutely FREE:

Hanson Dry
925 Fulton St. (btwn Clinton & Waverly Aves.)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Clinton – Washington Avs (A, C)
Clinton – Washington Avs (G)

Vagabonds featured on Official “GuestList” Mixtape

As many that follow E.R. and Baysiqly, and Vagabonds Music Group in general are aware, our publicist Jay Fingers is a very accomplished writer. From his writing being featured on KidRobot, Billboard, Soul Head, as well as being in charge of our press releases here, Jay is very experienced in the field of entertainment. When you combine his real life experience in the night life here in sunny Miami, Florida, plus the extravagant night life found in New York City, and you top it off with Jay’s creative mind, you end up with his debut novel: “GUESTLIST”.

We’ll get back to “GUESTLIST” the novel, in a little bit, because we’ll be covering that extensively in the upcoming weeks. For the time being, we’re proud to announce that Vagabonds Music Group, LLC, in association with Be Cool Entertainment Holdings (Jay‘s PR/marketing company), and AEIOU Records, have released the official mixtape soundtrack of “GUESTLIST”. When we say mixtape, we’re not slinging the word around like most people do. We mean actual mixtape, as in the big homie DJ Sage mixed, crossfaded, and placed each song in order to provide 52 minutes of funk to liven up ANY party, and not just a random slab of songs thrown together. Curated by Jay Fingers himself, we’re proud to announce that the Vagabonds landed two selections on here, one being the critically acclaimed “Here We Go”, featuring Dynas (who’s a frequent collaborator of W-I-Z, who’s also featured on this mix), and a previously unreleased and unheard track titled “Rollin’ (Acid)” (you know we had to lace ya, Jay!). Check out the press release info below and be sure to throw this mix on at your next party, as this is sure to keep the crowd on their toes with DJ Sage‘s eclectic, genre-jumping mix.

GUESTLIST Mixtape Soundtrack

GUESTLIST Mixtape Soundtrack


Be Cool Entertainment Holdings, in association with AEIOU Records and Vagabonds Music Group, is proud to present the highly anticipated GUESTLIST Official Mixtape, available for free download at The collection is meant to serve as an audio companion for the upcoming novel GUESTLIST from author Jay Fingers.

Miami’s DJ Sage mixed the entire project, which features songs curated by Jay Fingers. The mixtape offers an eclectic collection of party-rocking songs across a variety of genres, including hip-hop, rock, and pop. Featured artists include The Vagabonds, Brian Grosz, W-I-Z, Mala Reignz, Beejus, Alex Walker, The MC Faceman, Lil Heat, G. Brown, and more.

Those featured on the mixtape are indie and up-and-coming artists. I chose them because I feel they’re making some very exciting, very innovative music right now. I wanted them to get as much exposure as possible.

There are two download options for the GUESTLIST Official Mixtape. You can download the MP3 by itself, or you can download the Deluxe Version, which comes with mixtape artwork and the first chapter of GUESTLIST in PDF form.

Click here to download the GUESTLIST Official Mixtape (Right Click, Save As)

Click here to download the GUESTLIST Official Mixtape Deluxe Edition

GUESLIST Mixtape Soundtrack Tracklist

GUESLIST Mixtape Soundtrack Tracklist

#FML: The Listening Party @ EVE 01/28/2012

#FML Listening Party

#FML Listening Party


Saturday 1/28/12 @ EVE
1306 N. Miami Ave
DwnTwn Miami
10PM | 18+ $10

DJ TWIN spinning Today’s Hottest HIP HOP & REGGAE

Live Performances by:


School Bus (LAC/JTC/Kairo Lavo3)
Dashius Clay
Shottie (of IDEE4)
Serum & Manifesto

Open Mic for the MC’s ( Beats by REALITY)

Rolls Roys
Yung Spec
Tay G
Lil Gunna
Roc Sol & DJ Cheo
Straight No Chase
Blokaholics (Celebrating Young Kali’s birthday)

Free exclusive copy of the VAGABONDS upcoming EP “#FML” for the first 50 people to pay at the door.


Special thanks to the following sponsors for their involvement:

Be Cool Entertainment
Mr. Visual Films
Rebel Life Images
1 Life Entertainment
Eargasm Entertainment
Inked Pro Clothing
Last Rights Clothing

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Song on Good Neighbors?

Poll: What's You Favorite Song on Good Neighbors?

The Vagabonds’ much anticipated mixtape Good Neighbors dropped at the beginning of the year and is already being touted as one of 2011′s hottest releases. The duo of Baysiqly and E.R. is quickly making a name for itself with no signs of slowing down.

Featuring collaborations with renowned artists like Dynas, Garcia, GhostWridah, Dashius Clay, LMS, Protoman, and more, Good Neighbors aims to not only showcase South Florida’s considerable talent but to also prove that these artists can come together to create great music.

VMG wants to know: What’s your favorite song on Good Neighbors? Let us know below.


Photo: On The Set – The Vagabonds “Predictions” Video Shoot

Photo: On The Set - The Vagabonds "Predictions" Video Shoot

Day two of the video shoot for The Vagabonds‘ next single “Predictions” began at a Kendall laundromat, as seen in this pic of Baysiqly tweeted by the group’s other half, E.R. Later on today, the cast and crew will head out to Little Havana eatery Yambo to wrap up the final scenes of the shoot.

Taken from The Vagabonds’ critically acclaimed new album Good Neighbors, “Predictions” is directed by writer/filmmaker Giancarlo Loffredo.


Vagabonds – Good Neighbors AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

Vagabonds Music Group is proud to present Good Neighbors, the highly anticipated new album from South Florida hip-hop duo the Vagabonds.

The group, consisting of MC’s Baysiqly and E.R., follows in the tradition of legendary hip-hop duos with a focus on making classic music. They approach their craft with a philosophy that enables them to combine socially relevant lyrics with lush, elaborate production. Their previous project was 2010′s V For Vendetta, which struck a chord with music lovers the world over, netting 20,000 downloads based solely on word-of-mouth in along with their internet-only singles, Space Music, Success, and Work It Out.

Their new project, Good Neighbors, is a collaboration album featuring many of Miami’s rising hip-hop stars. The 15-track album features appearances by Ryan K, Dynas, Alex Walker, Len Xiang, Kobie Powell (of US3/Cantaloop fame), Protoman, Dashius Clay, Saheed, Garcia, LMS, The MC Faceman, Jay Fingers and GhostWridah. The majority of Good Neighbors was produced by E.R., with assists from Miami Beat Wave and High Guyz Productions.

The album’s concept was inspired by Baysiqly’s solo track — also titled Good Neighbors — found on V For Vendetta. The song finds itself on the Good Neighbors album as a remix featuring E.R. Also included is their recent hit single Here We Go featuring Dynas.

Many Miami-based artists sat in on the recording of Good Neighbors, even on tracks they weren’t involved in. Those who lended support to the project include AG Lyonz, Bern Biz of ¡Mayday!, and Garcia, among others. And although Good Neighbors is a Miami collaboration project, a few out-of-town features snuck into the mix. Gotta Lose features Brooklyn musicians Alex Walker and Len Xiang, and London’s Kobie Powell of Us3 (Cantaloop) fame, and New York hip-hop mainstay The MC Faceman delivers a high energy cameo on Still Piff With It.

Preview or download Good Neighbors on our BandCamp page for FREE or download it as a zip file from our link!

Vagabonds – Good Neighbors


Vagabonds Music Group, LLC, Baysiqly, E.R., and Jimmey Jackson, Jr. all want to give a big thank you to the following:

for all being part of this special project, we definitely appreciate all the effort, and please be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage at

***For media inquiries, please contact Jimmey Jackson Jr. at 917-250-7952 or ***


As you may know, the Vagabonds are working on their collaboration project with some of the hottest up and coming acts from Miami and a couple of out of state acts. The project is in its final stages and a first collaboration has been chosen as the lead off track. Please keep checking back to us as we will be keeping everyone updated….

***  the picture shown is a little humor in regards to the name of the project, not the actual cover.. :)